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The current stock market system is antiquated and needs modernization.

Trading hours are limited, even within the US.

Purchasing internationally is difficult and the options are limited.

Trades take 2 days to settle and truly finalize.

The market is dominated by institutional investors who seemingly act against smaller retail investors for profit, with all of the advantages of being deeply entrenched players in the market. Retail investors recently fought back against institutional short sellers and in return, saw their trading options restricted on various platforms.

Introducing wrapped Stocks:

-Backed 1:1 with real stocks:

-Fast settling times

-Potentially unlimited trading hours

-Truly global

StockSwap is the first step towards this decentralized future. By making stocks available on web3, we hope to help bring this architectural improvement to the stock market!


Total $STONK supply: 1,000,000

$STONK Distribution:

100,000 sold in private sale alongside limited launch

Remainder for future sales and farming!

$STONK Utility:

Hold 200 $STONK and access features early and participate in design and development revisions. (access also requires user to be an ECP)

Make and vote on proposals for new features or changes to StockSwap.

$STONK is spent when you buy and sell wStock, these gas fees help us manage risk.

Private Sale:

-Private sale for $STONK opens March 23rd at 9am PST alongside the launch of our trading platform.
-The sale will be open for 5 days or until sale is filled, 15ETH maximum per wallet.
-We are selling 100,000 $STONK at .0025ETH each with a 250ETH cap.
-First come first serve.
-Anyone in the telegram channel before the sale will get the private sale password to join


We intend to be fully compliant with all rules and regulations that we come across as we grow!

Phase 1 Limited Release: SBS dealer

Security Based Swap dealer under de minimis exemption

Only Eligible Contract Participants (ECPs, high net worth individuals qualifying in the us to purchase exotic derivatives)

$150,000,000 annual market volume limit

Phase 2 Public Release: Broker-Dealer

Would require series 7 among other financial licenses in order to transition to a broker-dealer

Any user who goes through KYC can trade wStocks

Users will truly own the underlying stock, receiving dividends and voting rights!

Thanks for all of your help and interest, we can’t wait to get started!

Stay up to date on StockSwap:

Website: https://stockswap.app

Telegram: https://t.me/StockSwapOfficial

Twitter: https://twitter.com/StockSwapApp

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/HWVjKwTDk8




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